Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tipping the Scales.

I remember going to my first appointment after finding out I was pregnant with our 3rd baby, I was ecstatic. As I sat down with the maternity nurse, she went through the usual questions, questions I had been asked before, so I felt like a pro.

And then she got to age, "35", she said.

"No, I'm only 34", I corrected her. "Yes, but you will be 35 at the time of birth", she said as she wrote 35 in large red ink at the top of my folder.

Was that necessary?

Then she continued, " 35 is considered Advanced Maternal Age".
What? I thought to myself, I'm in my prime!

Then we procceededto the scales, "154" she responded. At 5'9 I didn't think that was bad, I had about 5 lbs extra but not bad, or so I thought. And then she commented, "You are 7 lbs more than when you got conceived with your other children".
What? I know this but, you have to tell me? It's not like I'm overweight. And as that festered inside of me like a bomb ready to go off, just to add gas to the flames, she proceeded to take my blood pressure.

"Oh and your blood pressure is a little elevated. Not bad but unusual of you, an athlete."
Excuse me, I should have said to her, you just told me I was old and fat...what do you expect!

Now, after having that 3rd baby, I thought I was in my prime for.....I get it.

That 3rd baby baby weight is a bitch to lose, excuse the frankness.
But that's where, at least for me, being 35 has come into effect.

Attention given to women like the Octomom, who claims she didn't have plastic surgery...yeah right, and Heidi Klum don't make it any better. Neither does all the press about celebrities over the age of 35, even over the age of 40 having babies, multiple babies and dropping the weight right after the baby pops out.
Not that I'd expect that to happen to me, but come on.

Maybe it's a habit I acquired from being an athlete, but I pride myself on being fit and tone.I love working out and nothing better to fuel that then a weight loss challenge, but I've never met cellulite so stubborn.

2 months after I had the baby, my daughter asked me if there was another baby in my belly.

3 months after I had the baby, I swear I still looked 3 months pregnant and had cellulite in places I didn't even know it existed.

And to make it worse, last month the school nurse at George's school asked me when I was due!! Seriously! I know maybe the shirt, a striped empire waist shirt, probably didn't do much for a post baby pouch, but still.

So now, 5 months post-partum, the weight is starting to budge and my stomach and hips are finally communicating with the rest of my body, that the pregnancy is over!

With the hlep of my husband, I've just accepted to love the size I am now. And keep jumping, running, and exercising and some day, hopefully by October, (I have an event I have to go to that I refuse to take extra poundage to!) I'll be back to my pre-pregnancy size.

Besides, what do they say, "9 months to put it on, 9 months to take it off".
It must have been a man to say that....easier said than done


  1. You look amazing!! Tell those nurses where they can stick it!! Try having Hashimotos on top of trying to lose the baby weight!! Sigh....


  2. danielle, you look amazing!!! don't stress and keep doing what you're doing.


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