Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sometimes I see those people walking down the street, lost in their own reality, talking to themselves with great animation. And I think, in 30 years that will be me.
That's how kids make you feel.
Sometimes you don't know where one conversation finished off and the next one started. You have no idea what the current thought was in your head or where it went and occasionally on those really crazy days you come this close to forgetting your name, where you came from and you even wonder how these kids got here.

Case in point, my beautiful daughter Sophia.
Many times she is a breath of fresh air, dancing, laughing and smiling to no end. But often she is the catalyst that sets the mood of my household. Whirling through like a tornado, Sophia has the power to make our household go from calm to completely nuts in the blink of an eye.

Literally, the blink of an eye.

All will be calm and the next minute there is screaming, crying and shouting and 99% of the time Sophia is at the epicenter and nothing seems to work. She laughs in the face of time outs. She questions verbal reprimands with multiple, "What if's", "No but's...!" and "Why nots?"

She's a like a Mac Truck on her own course through daily life, taking us for a ride. And as she whizzes by I feel my head spin and shake like a little bobble doll, attached to the dashboard of an old tricked out Cadi going 85 down the highway in the middle of no where.
Sophia moves to the beat of her own drum.
On any given day you can find her in a princess dress digging in the dirt, kicking soccer balls with the footwork of professional soccer players or pushing the buttons of her older brother, testing his patience as much as she tests mine.
Sophia is ADD without Ritalin.
From the minute she wakes up she is ready to go. Last week per her request, I made her peanut butter toast for breakfast. Upon bringing her the toast she looked up at me, started to cry, told me I messed it up and wanted eggs. So I gave in and made the eggs, my first mistake. Five minutes into getting the stuff ready for eggs, she asked if I was making her pancakes.
She is also a breath of fresh air.
Her big eyes and Shirley Temple hair catch your heart the minute she walks in the room. She is kind, beautiful, smart and funny. She loves to listen to music, put on a tu-tu and twirl away just as much as she likes playing trains with her big brother and entertaining her baby brother.
Sophia can make your heart warm and fuzzy the one minute and your head spin the next minute.
But isn't that the joys of motherhood.
You live through the crazy moments but live for the ones that make being a mother worth every second.

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