Thursday, June 24, 2010

Confessions of a Gen X mom

Read without judgement. After all, I'm not perfect, just mom.

1. I lie to my kids. Yes, I do. Not proudly, but often out of necessity, or so I believe. For instance, when my daughter wants a toy at the Grocery store, I tell her they are just a display so you can see what you want, tell your mommy and if you're good, you can buy them later at Toys R Us. After all, toys at the grocery store should be illegal, parents have a hard enough time making it through the shopping trip with out "triggers", to obnoxious behavior, theirs....and mine.

2. I can't stand playing video games with my son. Ahh....I know this makes him happy, so I grit my teeth and just participate. But every time I hear him say, "Mommy! Can you race me? I'll be Lightning McQueen and you can be King!" I want to hide under the table or in a dark closet, whichever works best.

3. My purse is a mess. Seriously, I have a great coach bag from my pre-children days and it doubles as a diaper bag, snack bag, trash bag and junk bag. It contains fruit snacks, binkies, wipes, pull-ups, receipts and wrappers. Honestly, I'm lucky if I can find my wallet.

4. I need my sleep. I do best as a mom, a wife and a friend when I get my nightly sleep.

5. My morning workout is my drug. Working out is something I can do for ME. Nothing better than a little ME time to start the day.

6.  I secretly wish I could throw a temper tantrum like my kids. There must be nothing like a good uninhibited display of emotion, in the middle of the store, kicking, screaming and yelling, without a care in the world about what anyone thinks. And I'd love to have a discussion with someone, not like what they say and go stomping off, arms crossed in a serious pout.

7. I am a reality show junkie. I DVR all those junky reality shows and instead of being productive while my kids nap, I watch them while I eat my lunch. Shows like, Real Housewives of New Jersey, New York and where ever the latest group is from, The Jersey Shore, Tori and Dean. If it's reality (or at least called reality), I probably watch it!

8. Sometimes I feel like if my daughter asks another question my head will pop off.  Case in point, question# 5,342 yesterday was, "What color was the sky?" And when I told her it was blue, she started arguing with me, telling me that it was not blue. In fact, did anyone know that the sky is red?

9. I wish I cook like the Barefoot Contessa, decorate like Martha Stewart and discipline my kids like Super Nanny. But who has the time and energy. Sometimes, I am just getting through the day. If the house is clean, dinner is cooked and I have adverted a major disaster, job well done.

10. I hate the size of my..... When I went to see the maternity nurse when I was pregnant with my 3rd, she took a red pen and wrote 35 at the top of the page, explaining to me that this was advanced maternal age. My blood pressure immediately shot through the roof, as she sent me into a nervous laughter and I looked around wondering if someone else was in the room because she could not have been talking to me. Besides, 35? what was she talking about, I felt like I was 28. Now I get it, baby weight after 35 is stubborn and pregnancy does things to your body I won't even mention in this blog.

11. I know I am biased, but I really do have the coolest family in the world. My son is adorable and has a crazy sense of humor for a 5 year old. My daughter is the best of both worlds, enough pink and princess with just the amount of toughness mixed in. My youngest has got a toothless smile that will melt your heart literally seconds and just an amazing disposition for a 7 moth old. And then my husband, my calm, my rock, the love of my life.

12. I love being a SAHM. Although I have been known to complain, breakdown and pitch a good fit, I wouldn't change my life for the world. My family is happy, healthy, we have food on the table, a nice roof over our heads and an amazing amount of love and laughter that happens between the walls. Sometimes, it pays to take a breather from the chaos, look around and see what you have, stop thinking about what you don't have and just realize how grateful you truly are.

13.This blog is my therapy. I love to write, it's an obsession. I love to talk, text, update my status, connect, confess and purge. That is why I write this blog.

Any confessions you'd like to share?

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  1. You sound like a very happy woman. You're family must be a treasure as you describe, especially your husband.

  2. Ummmm...... you do decorate like martha stewart!!!

  3. Love it Danielle! Very well written, I enjoyed reading this blog and it was very funny as well. I certainly can relate to many of what you wrote.

  4. I am all for confessions and honesty! I have these thoughts 5 and 11. But I am always wondering what is a SAHM? I know WAHM is work at home mom, but what is the S? ;-)

  5. my purse is a mess too :( and i am not happy about it!!!

  6. Great post! I posted a confession on my blog recently - the one about me scrapping out the food and cleaning the pan out so it didnt look burnt! oh and then there is the one about moonlighting while working and then...oh, that should be enough! LOL

    I think you do the sensible thing lying to your kids in those instances. I bet everyone does that.

    Please pop by and check out 13 {{MORE}} Characters in my Dark Kingdom Chronicles Series HERE! Thank you!

    Hope to see you there,

    Angelika Devlyn X

  7. I love that you all have commented!! Yay!! The S, stand for (STAY at home mom) just the opposite everyone should probably be a WAHM because if you 're a mom and you're at home, you're working! :-)

  8. I csn see that the Purple Coos are going to have some lively comments on site. I look forward to it,- from the Matriarch of the site.

  9. I hated role-playing games with my granddaughter (you be the baby and I'll be the mother, sort of thing). Eventually I told her that and suggested another sort of game which was enjoyable to us both.

  10. Great list. I loved reading it. I can identify with most of them. My husband is also amazing, my calm amidst the storm, my rock. My confession would be that I lock myself in the bathroom and pretend to be, you know, "busy" so I can have a few minutes of "me" time. I'm certain I'm not the only mom that does this, right?

    Happy TT :-)

  11. An honest and refreshing list there, Danielle. I am mother to a 10 year old son and like you I really don't want to play on the Wii, nor kick around the football nor bowl at cricket. And sometimes I make an excuse (a white lie!) but sometimes you really just have to grin and bear it! I'm hoping that when he grows up he'll remember the times I played with him more than those I didn't. We all live in hope!

  12. great list! if you think a toddler can throw a tantrum, just wait until they are teens (now that's the kind of tantrum I sometimes feel like throwing!)
    stopping by from SITS for a happy Saturday sharefest.


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