Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dancing in the Rain

Some of my fondest memories from childhood were when my parents let us get down and dirty, letting us just be kids, that letting go, that carefree happiness that childhood often brings. And my parents did a pretty good job at that and still do with the my kids. Playing in the rain and stomping through the mud were better than any toy you could give us and always created the best memories for us and I am sure for them as well. And I admit, as a parent, it's hard to let go, hard to look at it as less of a mess you have to clean up later, and more as really just letting your kids be kids. When you're stuck in the daily grind of parenthood, trying to avoid disasters and making sure everyone is okay and at the same time trying to get things done, it's hard to put things in perspective. With each child, I feel that I am doing a better job at letting go and relaxing. Letting them have more fun, make more of a mess and not worrying so much about the stuff that really doesn't matter. After all, there is no "total" control when you have kids.

So what if they make a mess?

So what if there are toys every where?

 And so what if they get dirty? 

After all, when it comes down to it, it's just mud.

The happiness and expression on their faces is enough to let you know, it's all okay.

                                                   A picture can tell a thousand words.

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