Friday, July 9, 2010

Conversation with Sophia

This is the conversation I had with Sophia this morning from the time she woke up until the time I made her waffle, so let's say, 10 minutes. Just to give you a glimpse into the restless, wandering mind of my 3 year old, who my husband affectionately calls, "our little lawyer".

(Pink are Sophia's questions. Black are my answers.)

"Where's my ring?"  
                              At Aunt Peggy's.

"They are going to let the baby have it!" 
                               No. They are keeping it safe.

"They are going to let the animals have it." 
                                No, it's very safe.

"Where's Daddy? Did he come home yet?" 
                                Daddy's at work, Sophia. (A daily question.)

"Is Josie coming today?" 

"I love my new movie."  (Lilo and Stitch we checked out from the library)

"Do I have Tinkerbell?" 

*She starts singing her A B C's, and holds up Dragon Fly sticker*

"What is this? "
                           A Dragon Fly.

"Where they be?" 

*Flap. Flap, she says, pretending to make the sticker fly*

"Are they at home?"

"Are they in our home?" 
                         Confused. I open my mouth to answer but before I can mutter something out, she continues....

"Where are snakes? Outside? Can we dig them up?"
                          As I start to answer, she drowns out my answer by singing about making a card, and starts positioning stickers on a piece of paper.

Mixing up stickers, "Look it's mixed."

"Where are we going today?"
                       Grandma's house.

"Is Grandma's house in a circle?"

"Where are we going?" 


*Again, she starts singing about butterfly stickers*

*Her waffle is finally done and I give it to her hoping this will keep her quiet at least for a bit. She lasts about two bites....*

"What's this?" Butter?" 
                     Butter, on your waffle. You like butter, right?

"Where are we going today?" 
                     Grandma's, remember.

"Does Grandma have my ring?"

I turn around and look at her, a bit confused, and dizzy from the conversation. I open my mouth to answer and before I can mutter out a sound, she gets up walks over to the back room and sits on the couch to watch her show.

I'm exhausted and it's 8:25.


  1. I'm amazed you got all that down while making waffles (which I'm sure entails stirring batter, rinsing dishes and monitoring the cook time) and keeping up with your end of the conversation! Hats off to multi-tasking moms with an answer for everything. Have a great day. -EW

  2. Thanks! And oh, by making waffles, I meant putting them in the toaster, gave me time to document her questions! lol!

  3. I think someone famous once said, "Whatever means necessary..." Surely, that applies to waffles, too! *smile*

  4. My goodness, talkative young lady you have. Sounds like fun.

  5. LOL, I love it!

  6. Who was it who said our children keep us young . . . yeah right . . .

  7. I agree. My children age me significantly question by question.... :-)


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