Saturday, July 17, 2010

Go Target

Who knew? Target really is the jack of all trades.

This weekend July 16th-18th Target is pairing with 80 museums and theatres in 30 cities across the country to offer free or reduced admission through their Target Arts and Wonder Free Family Event in an effort to support education in the communities they serve.

This is a big one: In Philadelphia, general admission to the Franklin Institue is FREE this Sunday from 3pm to 5pm.

Once a month Target also supports Target Community Night at the Franklin Institute from 5pm to 8pm, where you get in for FREE and recieve FREE IMAX tickets, FREE acces too all hands on exhibits,FREE 3D shows in the Franklin Theatre, FREE live science shows, FREE planaterium shows and FREE access observatory. The next Target Community night is July 28th.

Target doesn't stop with the Franklin Institute, at the the Please Touch Museum, the first Wednesday of every month is Target First Wednesday, come and enjoy just $2 admission from 5pm to 7pm. The next one is Wednesday August 4th.

Visiting my blog from another state? Check out their website for an event near you!

I knew I loved Target!


  1. I have heard about that...I'll have to check Texas and what they have going on around here :) Thanks for sharing! Stopping by your blog through your comment on two, savvy sisters! Cute blog!!!

  2. Thanks for the info, Danielle-I can't wait to click on the "website" link above and find out more. My daughter's b-day is Monday and Hubby is on vacation for a couple more days, so we were looking for something family-oriented and inexpensive to do. I'll let you know what I find out about my area. Thanks again for the tip. -EW

  3. Too bad Target isn't international.

  4. Hey, Danielle-I found a couple of free events in my area. Unfortunately, the Dallas Children's Theatre was out of the freebies for this weekend. Any idea how to get the "inside scoop" ahead of time? Guess I could always fish around on their website. Thanks anyway, I'll know to look ahead of time. -EW

  5. Thank you so much for visiting our blog! Thanks for the great information on Target- I had no idea about it. Love your blog, I'm looking forward to browsing around!


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