Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sous Chefs

Get your Fresh Made Pizza here!

Here is a very easy idea for some family time. It almost always results in every one laughing, participating and having a great time.The kids love making pizza and we love to do this with them. My husband takes the reigns on this one. He loves to show off for them, flipping the dough high in to the air and they hang onto his every word. We like to buy the pre made pizza dough from Wegmans.You can find everything right outside their pizza counter. They have a section that sells everything you need to make semi-homemade pizza right in your own kitchen. One dough, one container of sauce and two containers of pizza cheese mix will make you about 2 size mediums pizzas, it costs just a little bit more than $10.
We don't usually get too creative with toppings, this time we just used cheese, but they are more likely to eat what they make, so sometimes we add meat and even try some veggies. Looking for a whole grain option? They also sell whole wheat dough. We've tried it and it's pretty good. 
They love every bite and always have a great time doing it.

Here's my husband and his very special sous chefs hard at work:
First, flour the surface....

Using your hands, get the dough ready to be rolled out.

Most importantly, stop to pose for the camera.

And then roll out the dough.

Add the sauce.......

Spreading over the entire surface.

Now add the cheese..we love cheese!

Ready to put in the oven....

 And the finished product....


  1. Such a cute post! My wife and I have been meaning to make pizza with our little one - she LOVES helping out in the kitchen - and I think this post just might cause us to finally try it this weekend.

    And LOVE the last pic. I'm starting to wonder if hammin' it up is an innate quality :-)

  2. I think kids today are born knowing how to ham it up! It's great that so much of their little lives can be so easily and readily documented. I love the "most importantly stop to pose for the camera" shot--too cute. In the second pic, your son looks intrigued by the blob of dough about to land on the floured surface in front of him. Great family activity-the added ingredients of self satisfaction and helpfulness make it taste better than store bought. -EW

  3. Who me? A Ham? no:-)

    Thanks for the kind comments!

    Definitely try this with you litte one! My daughter is very helpful in the kitchen and having her do projects like these takes away her edge at "begging" to help! lol!

  4. Your kiddos are adorable!!

    We love making pizza's around here too! Tonight we made french bread pizza. YUM!

  5. French Bread pizza! Yum great idea! My sister and I used to do that as kids with my mom, we also tackled, bagel pizzas! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Don't forget the thin crust lovers' "tortilla pizza" as long as we're discussing variety! Not having to make the crust frees up time to dice up a variety of toppings-onion, bell pepper, olives, fresh tomatoes or mushrooms-stuff your kids may just try as long as they're in charge of piling it on.
    On a completely different note, please say a prayer for me...I'm taking my board exam tomorrow (7/14/10). Thanks, EW

  7. Thanks for the tip and Good Luck with the board exam!! Awesome!!!

  8. Hubs and I keep meaning to make our own pizza one day. There are no little ones with us yet, but maybe he can impress me with dramatics. :D Great photos Danielle!


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