Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bend it like Beckham

After my son's somewhat comedic attempt at tee ball, not limited to but including, yelling jokes to the kids on the bench, playing in the dirt in the outfield and chasing bunny rabbits, I was some what hesitant to pay money that seemed like flushing it down the toilet  sign him up for another sport. I don't know that I expected much more, considering he is just 5, it was actually kind of humorous, but I thought maybe he's not old enough, maybe he's just not competitive right now and maybe sports just really aren't his thing. But I signed him up anyway, mostly to get him out, moving and running around with the other kids. When he heard he was playing soccer he begged to be the goalie, only to find out there were no goalies. But he excitedly donned his shin guards, cleats and ball in hand and looked like the cutest little soccer player I'd ever seen. I was ready for him to lay in the grass, run one way, while the kids ran the other, and cry when he couldn't get the ball and he did all that and more. He laughed, he chased the ball and had a good time. And I exhaled. 
Until next practice......


  1. I'm always torn between "forcing" kids to do stuff (after all, how would we ever know if they'll be the next famous linebacker, goalie, olympic runner or swimmer, etc. if they never try some things) and letting them choose to do it on their own. I have 2 homebodies who would be just as content to sit an home and stare at a wall as they would be playing some sport. When money is tight, that is fine with me. I chunk the YMCA flyers in the recycle bin. I'm glad George enjoyed his first go-round with soccer.

  2. Love it! Great pics! It looks like he is enjoying it! Love your title too, I loved that movie!
    You are lucky, his practices aren't too late. V's practices are 730-830pm so I don't bother taking much (if any) photos.


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