Friday, August 27, 2010

Flip Off Friday

So, I was content about not having anything to Flip Off and then I got stressed out and thought F that! I have a couple things to get off my mind after all.

To teething: FLIP OFF. My son has been teething forever. FOR.EVER. He is cranky and miserable and doesn't want to sleep or eat. It's like a party at midnight, at 3:00am and then again at 4:15am. Quite frankly I miss my sleep and I want it now, NOW.

To Whole Foods: FLIP OFF. Where do you get off charging what you charge? I went in for 5 things and come out my pockets an easy $38 lighter , for 5 things I remind you. It was close to where I was and the kids were still good and I just needed to go in and pick up a couple things and get out of there. Big Mistake. The prices were bad and so were the kids. Back to Wegmans I go, at least the prices will be good there, not sure about the kids.

To the drivers who text while they drive: FLIP OFF. Is it that important? You're going to kill someone. You're not watching where you're going. You speed up when you should slow down and you stop when you should keep going. At lights when I stop behind you I feel like getting out and shoving that phone up your you know what!

To my Dell and the Dell customer Service people, tech support personnel (or so they call themselves): FLIP OFF. I have gotten better service at Chick-Fil-A. At least they can take my order, right, call me when it is ready and even offer to take it to where I am sitting when they see I am busy. Dell, you can't call me back or help me. You tell me you can't help me unless I pay because I don't have a warranty on my 4 month old computer, when indeed I do, it's good until 2012. You tell you have fixed my problem and you have not and you tell me you will do something and you don't follow through. I don't care if you are from India, China, Iraq or Africa, I want help and I want it NOW.

And to all my friends who hear me complain when I tell them I got a Dell and say, "You should have gotten a MAC!", when it's too late anyway...: FLIP OFF! Don't you think I know this.

To myself for not sweeping good enough: FLIP OFF. My house is not messy, and it is clean, but my 9 month old crawler finds everything. This week I took out his mouth cat food and a cat hair ball, enough to make me gag!

Oh and this one is for my sister, whom I love, I'm sure although she is happy, she is having babies but she'd totally like to flip off that one egg and sperm that divided and is giving her twins: FLIP OFF! Now that we got that off our chest....let's enjoy the twins! Yay! There is always a positive spin on Flip Off Friday.

Thanks Kludgy Mom, YOU ROCK!  Flip Off Friday is like therapy.


  1. Interesting about your computer experience. That sounds like an unacceptable experience.

  2. I am so with you on the texting while driving thing. I do not mess with my phone while I'm driving.

  3. I was getting my mail at our road-side mailbox yesterday. As I waited to cross the street back to the house, I noticed a car coming towards me with its wheels in the bike lane where I waited. I just stepped back a bit and all was well, but as the car passed I noticed the young woman driver was looking at a cell phone holding and typing into it with her right hand! She never even looked up as she went by. I am pretty sure she never saw me.

  4. I hate people that text and drive too. It's too risky! I wanna yell at them when I see it. LOL

    Oh come check out my latest post, I tagged ya in it.
    XO, Sarah


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