Friday, August 6, 2010

Once again, it's Double Duty Friday

Ok.Let's take care of business....
First things first, my first participation in the Flip Off Friday hosted by Kludgy Mom was last week and I had to do it again. Last week, I flipped out what was bothering me, left it all out on the table blog and it felt oh so good, so here we go again. 

1. To the deaf ear my kids turn toward my voice: FLIP OFF. I don't even know if this is going to sound right, but I wish they would listen. I might as well be talking to a wall. If I tell you not to do something, I mean it. It's not that I don't want you to have fun, I don't want you to get hurt. So, Sophia, after you have a normal ct scan and then spin around in circles and I tell you to stop, and you keep going, get dizzy and hit the back of your head on the corner of the wall creating a serious egg and almost splitting it open, maybe you will listen to me next time. But, probably not.

2. Again, to the cat: FLIP OFF. I stepped in the present you left me in the hallway this morning and cat pop between the toes is not a good feeling at 5:00am, while holding a baby and wishing you could go back to sleep. Seriously, keep it up and the poop is gonna hit the fan.

3. To my mailman: FLIP OFF. You are nosy. You talk to much and you put in your 2 cents where really they aren't even worth 2 cents. I don't care that you don't like the University of Texas, my Alma Mata, so please refrain from writing on my mail and yelling through the mail slot during football season when we kick your teams butt. Yes he did that. And sorry but I really don't care about your views on NJ's high property tax rate, what is going on with the neighbors, politics and I don't want to debate with you on why I support same sex marriage. Get over it already! Know when to shut up. Put the mail in the slot and keep walking. That sounded a little harsh, but if you met him you'd understand.

4.To my stubborn baby weight: FLIP OFF: I know I did this one last week, but I flipped it off and lost 3 more lbs so, it may just become a ritual.  That deserves a double flip off FLIP OFF!

5. To Friday: FLIP OFF. I wish it were Saturday.

Thanks Kludgy Mom, Flip Off Friday is the best thing since dark chocolate.

Ahhh...much better. And now, because I can't make my mind up, on which one to do..more good stuff.....

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  1. Stopping by from NFF from Girl Creative. I love your Flip Off post! I'm going to have to do this next week :)

  2. Congratulations on your 3-lb weight loss! Every ounce counts. You must have the same "speak to me. I'm a good listener" impression across your forehead. I had lots to flip off this week. (Un)fortunately for my blog buds, I was too busy to blog about it all. Doesn't your heart just about break in two when your kids are hurt? My pain usually comes across as anger: "Didn't I tell you not to...!" when deep down inside I just wish I could fix whatever the boo-boo is. It'll be Saturday before you know it! Have a great weekend.

  3. Aren't Friday Flip-Offs awesome?!

    And I'll join you in flippin-off your baby weight. I hope our flips compound to help you drop more!

  4. wow, Danielle, you have had a WEEK!

    I gotta join you on the kids being deaf. I'm so frustrated. I feel like I blinked my eyes and my kids lost all respect for me. So, flip off!!

    and your mailman sounds seriously disturbed!!! yelling through the mail slot???? you should wait off to the side and poke a stick at his face if he opens it and tries to yell at you. is that bad?

  5. Stopping by to thank you for posting Friday-Follow.

    Have a great Friday!

  6. Nice blog! Yes, I love photography, I'm really new to it though! So, I don't have much experience w/editing and stuff!

    I'm following!

  7. Visiting from Friendly Friday Follow. Be sure and stop by my blog and take a peek. Subcribe by email or RSS so that you don't miss a single post!

  8. Following you back! Another step towards your 100th follower (just wish it could've been the same day as your 100th post)! I am going to take your advice and start flipping off my extra baby weight. (But I think that means I have to flip off the temptations that are chocolate and potato chips too. Darn it.)

  9. Good for you for flipping off the baby weight. My kids 6 yrs old and I am still trying to do that.

  10. Your cat and mine have obviously been conspiring. Poop between your toes? So not cool. Definitely deserves a flip off.

  11. Hey there! Love your blog header, those feet are adorable. Found you through Mama's Little Nestwork - now following you!

    Have a great day!

  12. I think I may be calling the post office to talk to someone's supervisor if I had to deal with that constantly!

    And the cat poop did me in...I was just thinking we might get a kitty for the girls and now I am over it! ;-)

  13. Thanks for joining us on Surfin' Saturdays...following you on Networked Blogs!

    Beth @ Two Monkeys & a Washtub

  14. Thanks so much for linking up for surfin saturdays!! I'm following you on networked blogs and your blog! :)


  15. Oh my children can look at me and not hear what I said. Now I know why my dad finished ever sentence with "Did you hear me?" Used to drive me crazy but now I understand... I probably didn't :)

    As for the mailman maybe your cat needs to leave him a present :) I can't believe he writes on your mail and yells through the slot OHHHH my! I thought my crazy cat lady mail lady was a hoot I would hate to meet yours!

    Have a great weekend :) Hope you feel better after your rant!

  16. I agree with Secret Garden maybe you could train your cat to leave the mailman a present. LOL Visiting and following back from Friday Follow. Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!

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  18. I love your flip offs! I think I will now be participating in the Friday flip off activity!

    Found you on Sunday Stroll :)


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