Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Sleep Deprived Blunder Part II

While I am still sleep deprived, and haven't gotten a couple good nights sleep in a row since, well, John started teething and his reflux started acting up. Again, I find myself in this constant in this state of exhaustion. On one hand it is amazing the level of productivity one can  still achieve with no sleep and on the other hand, the amount of sleep deprivation I'm suffering should be illegal. It's not that I want sleep, it's just that my 9 month old feels it necessary to have a party at 2:30 in the morning, almost every morning. So here are 13 of my sleep deprived blunders that have happened in the past week:

1.When my daughter begged to paint her own toe nails, I gave in and handed over the to nail polish. She's three. Lets just say she painted every part of her body except her toes.

2. "John", "Sophia!" "George!", whatever your name is get over here now? Who can keep them straight anyway? Not sure if that's sleep deprivation or mommyfusion.

3. I burnt my morning omelet because in the middle of making it, I stopped to change a babies diaper and then logged on the computer and attempted to blog, only to be disrupted by the stench of burning omelet and the growing cloud of smoke.

4. I lost my keys for most the day, and seriously, wasn't phased.

5. This isn't one I did, but in a state of exhaustion, my husband got into the wrong car and wondered why the keys didn't fit. Not only did he not realize it wasn't his car, he started freaking out.

6. I looked at a car that looked just like mine, and seriously was the same model and color, and got seriously stressed when it looked as though someone hit my car and left the scene only to see my bumper smashed in. I freaked and almost called my husband, only to realize MY car was parked a couple spaces down.

7. I gave my 5 year old's cup to the baby and when he asked me where his drink was, "I yelled at him and said, "I just gave it to you. Pay attention."  Only to look down and find the baby gnawing on George's big boy cup, juice everywhere. opps.

8.  What? Freak out,? Who me?

9. I started my car, went to buckle the kids into their seat belts and then, freaked out for a good 5 minutes because I couldn't find me keys.

10. Once again, made my kids a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch and put the peanut butter in the cabinet and the jelly in the microwave.

11. I was changing the babies diaper on the floor, after he got cleaned up, I had to throw the diaper in the trash, it was a stinker and he crawled off. And then I went about my business only to realize 5 minutes later, that I never put a new diaper back on.

12. We were at a crowded group soccer practice for all kids of all ages. They talked to the parents and then everyone broke off into their groups, half way there, I freaked out, turned around and started running to were we were standing because I thought I forgot the baby.....only to remember a good full hyperventilating minute later that my husband, whom I was following, was pushing the baby in the stroller.

13. I am so tired, I can't think of a good subject for my post except to talk about my sleep deprivation.

Been there done that? Please share!


  1. LOL... so been there! Trust me.. it DOES get better and you WILL sleep again. One day.

  2. Forgive me - but some of these are hysterical! I'm not a mom but take heart - there are loads of us doing similar things for similar reasons.

    And I've done 2,4,5 and 6 myself. LOL!

  3. OMG. Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. no way did all of that happened to you!! here's a hug for you...just don't fall asleep on my shoulder now. :p

    ~ash's mum

  5. Bwaaahahahahaha!
    I laugh only because I know...
    I totally freak out when I can't find my keys... and once I found them in the freezer.

  6. Sleep deprivation is like the clutter I call home. Don't know what's worse: the fact that it exists or that I've learned to live with it! You are not alone. There is hope. (Okay, that seriously sounded like a commercial for Cymbalta anti-depression medication, which might or might not be such a bad idea...kidding, Danielle, just kidding). Maybe you shocld schedule one of those dump and run "playdates" some of your other neighbors like so well and return home to nap uninterrupted for a couple hours.

  7. Hope you get some well-deserved rest soon!

  8. LOL. I'm laughing with you not at you. I think I've done most of the 13 things you listed. My recent sleep-deprived blunder? I went downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee only to realize that I had put the cream in the cupboard instead of the fridge a day earlier ... thank goodness my kids drink whole milk. Just as good.


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