Monday, October 11, 2010

Dreams Revisited.

We came. We saw. We conquered. Meeting up with my teammates from the 1990 State Championship team this past weekend, was inspiring and motivating. It's great to see the girls that are now woman that are still as powerful and determined as 20 years ago. Although our lives have taken us all in different directions, the lessons we learned from that year and the camaraderie on that team will live with us no matter what we choose to do with our lives. We are professionals, mothers, sisters and friends. We know the value and importance of working as a team and relying on others. We believe not only in our abilities but those around us. And we know that as woman, and individuals, our limits are endless and our capabilities have the potential to well exceed the glass ceiling.

For that night, I was taken back to the days of being on a team, being an athlete, having one thing in mind- how to beat the clock and how to swim faster. Although I will always be an athlete, I left my dreams at the gym, in the auditorium and on the walls of the high school where my accomplishments are memorialized, and by the records on the pool wall that are still there today.

When I walked into my parents house to pick up the kids, my daughter jumped into my lap and immediately, my goals switched, my mindset changed and I kicked off my heels to put on some more comfy clothes. My daughter picked up my shoes, put her feet in them and started walking around,. I hope to some day see her competing, determined, and inspired by a goal. But for now, I'll just worry about how to get her to leave her baby brother alone, to stay in bed and to listen.

Baby Steps.

Here are some pictures from that weekend.

George and I ready to go.

Ready to go.

Catching up with the others in the gym before a team picture.

The 1990 State Championship and National Public School Championship swim team.

Coach, Selma Robinson, being inducted for her success as a coach.

The team, gathering on stage, being introduced.

Kristen Downey, the team captain, accepting the award for the team.

The record board that hangs in the pool.

Our team's Hall of Fame Plaque.


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  4. That is so cool! I was a swimmer in high school and college too! Love it! A couple years ago our state championship team got induced into our school athletic hall of fame and even got recognized at half time during the homecoming game. It was great! Now we are organizing an alumni swim meet to help raise funds for the team. I'm so looking forward to getting to see everyone again!

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  10. Isn't great to meet up with old friends/teammates from your school days. It can bring back some wonderful memories. The good thing about it is you can pass those memories onto your children.

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  12. You look great up there. All of the running, lifting and sweating obviously paid off. Congrats to you and your team on being inducted into the Hall of Fame and for your "baby weight be gone" success as well.


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