Friday, October 1, 2010

Flip Off Friday 9/30 edition

It's been a while since I've done these, so I'm craving my week ending de-stressor. And thanks to Kludgy Mom, this is always one of my favorite posts. Who me? Angry? Pent up aggression? No. So here it goes.

1. To the heckler on the side lines of my son's soccer game: FLIP OFF! My son, who has since quit soccer, but when he first took the field, he played soccer like it was tackle football. He didn't mean any harm. He's five. He thought it was funny. He has to learn. But the big mouth parent on the sidelines, couldn't keep their mouth shut and started yelling things at him like, "Kid, this isn't football, it's soccer." To this said parent, who mad my blood boil, keep  your mouth shut or I'll run you down like my kid did to yours on the soccer field.

2. To my son's elementary school: FLIP OFF! Closing the library wasn't cool. I know it is still open as a public library after school hours, and that you are "working on" opening it sometime soon. But, literacy is a big problem in this country and you go and close the library, "temporarily" and end library visits "temporarily" for the kids during school hours, kids still learning to read. And you don't even tell the parents about it, letting us know why you did it, what is being done to bring it back and how long it will take, you just do it and we have to hear about it second hand. You need to keep us informed, this is our children's school, the place 50% of our high property taxes go. As far as I'm concerned, in regards to my kids' school, there is no such thing as giving us "too much" information.

3. To Teething: FLIP OFF! I know I have flipped off this one before, and it can't be done enough, but my 10 month old just cut the top two teeth and  the weeks leading up to it were filled with no sleeping, crying, not wanting to eat, just wanting to be held.... and that was just me, you should have seen the baby. *smile* You know what I mean, they need to write a parents hand book, just about teething.

4. To my kids' recent hearing loss: FLIP OFF! All I have to say about this one to get you to understand is, I might as well be talking to a wall.

Thanks to Momma Kiss for hosting this weeks Flip Offs. Head on over to her blog to check out more Flips.

Ahhhh....much better, now on to Friday.


  1. oh the library thing would make me insane! my kid LIVES for the library. WTF are people thinking??

  2. LOL i now homeschool but i hear ya on flipping off the school!! i've done that a time or too!!

  3. Oh yeah! I wanna flip off teething too!

    And how does a school close a library?! That is ridiculous!

  4. I'll never understand parent's who take sports that serious at that young of an age.

    And closing a school's library during school hours that is beyound nuts.

    Good luck with the teething

  5. I'd have to flip off cousins who call at 8:30 in the morning on SATURDAY (haven't single people ever heard of the 10 to 10 rule?), then call my cell phone then call my home phone again before 9 a.m. just to ask what time a grocery store opens. Then has the nerve to tell me to get some sleep when I sound like I have a frog in my throat because my allergies flared up the day before and I am STILL.IN.THE.BED at that hour!
    I have never been an athlete of any variety (could do some kick-a aerobics in college though!). I'd have to say that parents like the one you described in #1 are probably why I never did any sort of competitive sports. I just knew I wouldn't be good at them and I would be the one parents/coaches were yelling at all of the time. (it doesn't help that all of my siblings were good at whatever sports they went for, and I wasn't even trying to compete with that). Ahh, I feel better now, too. Have a great weekend!

  6. P.S. I missed you while you were gone (totally understand why you had to take a bit of a hiatus), and thanks for the birthday wishes.

  7. Third times a charm, right?! Just rec'd your comment on my blog. I have no after pictures...yet. The kitchen looks worse than when I took those shots a week ago (it has been cleaned in the meantime; just never all the way like the cartoon says). I wouldn't dare take pics of the disaster that now awaits me! I wil have to move stuff to the floor just to clear a path to the sink. (How I wish I were kidding about that!) Will alert you as soon as the after pics are up (may be next year sometime at this rate, girl). Don't know if I mentioned before but my son is interested in UT Austin. We are Aggies around here (that's where I was born & my dad & older brother attended Texas A&M), but I guess a little change is okay :-).

  8. you've had a TON going on w/ your kids. jaysus - the new hearing loss? teething? awful - but the heckler at soccer? i'da punched them. twice.


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