Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Sugar Trap: 13 things I hate about Halloween Candy

I hid it. I put the candy up on a high shelf where I can barely reach it and it is out of sight and hopefully out of my kids' mind. With most other candy, they get it, have a couple pieces, I put it up, it's forgotten about and eventually it finds it's way to the trash. But Halloween candy is different. I don't know if it is because they "worked" for it, but Halloween candy is never out of mind. My kids have a running total of what is in the bowl and an image in mind, of what they would like to eat next and in what order. 

I feel like I've fallen into the sugar trap.

13 Things I hate about Halloween Candy:

13. It drives the days leading up to said candy and controls the days after receiving said candy

12. It seems to multiply while you are sleeping.

11. I swore I would never give my kids candy and here I am, 3 kids deep, using it as a bribe tactic.

10.  My son threw a fit yesterday because he thought I was throwing it out. (Little does he know I already tossed about half)

9.  My 3 year old would brush her teeth with chocolate if she could.

8. I asked her what she wanted for breakfast this morning and she said, "Yogurt, candy, oh yeah, and an apple." When I refused to give her candy for breakfast, she broke down, severely broke down.

7. Sugar poops. Need I say more?

6. My husband can't stop eating it. See how I said, my husband?

5. The way it talks to me, when I enter the kitchen. 'Eat me. Eat me. Just one more piece!"

4. The desire to have it brings on a temper tantrum at any given moment,which leads me to number 3,

3. does the desire to have more, have more than one, and have it for breakfast.

2. My kids on a sugar high

1. Mommy on a sugar high.


  1. "11. I swore I would never give my kids candy and here I am, 3 kids deep, using it as a bribe tactic."

    Pets and kids respond very well to rewards (bribes)... *I* say you're using your resources effectively - don't knock it! :)

  2. It's too much candy and hard to control as a parent! We got kids jacked up on candy and an ugly political season!

  3. I find wrappers in the strangest places!!

    Thursday Thirteen

  4. 13 reasons why I didn't even get started with it this year.

    Have a great day!

  5. ahhhh you tell me :D I'm a candy-addiction survivor lol!

    PS. I scrolled down a bit. Love your trick n treating kids, especially the pretty little witch who decided she wanted to be a cat awwww

  6. I used to let my kids eat themselves sick the first night, then only take a little each night until it was gone. Now they are too old, and just hang out at the mall instead.

  7. So you've noticed that too with the candies multiplying. I'm glad I'm not alone. Happy TT!

  8. I have no kids, no trick-or-treaters, and no candy! But I love the spookiness of the holiday, maybe because I don't have to deal with the candy.

  9. I'm sorry but I had to laugh. We don't celebrate Halloween in New Zealand.

  10. We don't celebrate Halloween (properly) in Italy, either, but I sure miss my Halloween candy! I remember trying to portion it out so it would last practically until Thanksgiving - if my mother didn't toss it while I wasn't looking. LOL!

    Happy TT!

  11. I don't have kids but I'm living with one (my housemate's kid). And I bribe her with chocolates or candies also. Ssshhh... Don't tell the mom or I'm screwed. =)

  12. LOL...funny list.

    I don't mind the candy so much. My kids go out to T or T, come home with 1/2 a bucket, eat a few pieces the first night and then promptly forget about it. I throw it out sometime around Christmas.

    What I hate are the wrappers I find all over my yard from the neighborhood kids eating their loot. It lasts for about two weeks every year, then apparently they run out of candy or their mom throws it out.

  13. This year I didn't have to deal with the candy stash...

  14. Cute list. When it comes to hiding candy, I've found the perfect spot--the fruit and vegie bins in the refrigerator. The fellas in my house NEVER think to look in there. :-)

  15. Seriously, I'm ready for it to be gone! My little guy seems to somehow have lost interest which is a miracle. Now I need to stop eating it!

  16. I always let my kids go nuts on it when they brought it home and let them bring as much as they wanted to share with their friends the next day lol Sooner it was gone, the sooner life returned to some degree of normalcy.
    Happy T13!

  17. lol I love number 8. And I agree about sick kids. (thanks for visiting my 13) On one hand you want to comfort them but on the other hand you just want to yell "Ewwww! Get away!"

  18. Your entire list was so true! We live out of town and don't usually get any trick-or-treaters, so I get to escape the usual nonsense... if there's candy around, I have only myself to blame!

  19. I think that is my biggest issue with Halloween being picked up as a holiday here in Australia. We are not in it for any meaning behind the holiday but simply for the lollies/candy which seems wrong to me.

    My Thursday 13

  20. Loved this list...although my kids are grown now, I can still relate--we have some left-over from the stash we gave out, and it calls my name every time I go into the kitchen!

    I saw on your profile that you went to UT. A lot of my family lives in the Austin area, including my two adorable little grandsons, and I'm flying down there Tuesday--I can't wait!:)

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog...hope you'll come back soon!

  21. You've covered it all!

    Does it ever end?

  22. I handed a piece of wrapped candy to my 16 month old and told him to take it to Daddy. He broke down and started crying because he couldn't get the wrapper off.

    Thank you for visiting and I'm glad to be a new follower.


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