Saturday, November 13, 2010

Swingin' By Sundays

Welcome to my new blog hop, Swingin' by Sunday.
Grab a coffee or some tea and meet new friends.
There are no rules, except to have fun and explore. 
I picked a featured blogger and would like you to stop on by and visit their blog,
check it out and follow if you wish.
If you join my hop and follow my blog, I'll follow you back.
Each week, if you leave me a comment, I'll pick a new featured blogger!

This week, I'm picking blogger, Eastlyn, who is a good one that every blogger should know.
Not only does she write great posts, that are like a slice of her life,
 I feel like I know her already, she leaves great
comments and in my opinion, that is a great trait to have as a blogger friend.
Her blog and her posts are warm, welcoming and inviting. So stop on by and visit. And if
you decide to stop by,please let her know that I sent you.

Click here to check out Eastly at Wilborn-White News.
 Okay..blogger is not letting me add a link. Please check her out at

And please, if you are in the hopping mood, check out my Philly Mom's Time Out co-blogger Debra from Lucas's Journey with SPD. She is holding a 3 weekend, 7-1 blog hop with giveaway! Nice.

Thanks for joining me.
Happy Hopping.


  1. woohoo..i'm the first one!
    I also have my own meme on sundays called Slow Down is about taking time out of our busy lives to slow down a bit..and hang with family, friends, or just yourself!

  2. I love your Swingin by Sunday idea. I'm hoping to find some great blogs to follow and meet some new bloggers!

    Thanks for hosting!

  3. Thanks for the great blog hop! Happy Sunday - hope you enjoy your day!

  4. Great idea for a hop & a cute name too!

    Just swinging by during nap time... Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. Returning the follow! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you had a chance to enter my Green Holiday Giveaways!

    Have a great week!


  6. Oh, Danielle, I am so sorry I haven't been online in a troubles plus family stuff. Thanks for featuring me in your Swing by Sunday. I'm off to pay back the visits from my new followers. Thanks again. I hope to be back in the saddle soon. -E

  7. At Home Moma following you back.

  8. Newest Follower!
    <3 your blog!
    Stopping by from:

    I hope you will follow me back :)

  9. Hey Hey Hey Hoppin on over from Az., from the Live Laugh Love to Shop Sunday Blog Hop, and look forward to hopping into you again sometime soon.

    Have a Hoppy Sunday and see you next week!

    Meet me on Sunday
    Blog Hop Round Up!

  10. Hi there! Following you through your Sunday Hop. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend.



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