Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Ways to be happy through the eyes of my children

We can all take a lesson on happiness from our children. Although it comes at very high octaves, children create joy in the smallest of tasks. Here are 13 ways to to be happy through the eyes of my children.....

1.How old are your kids? that's the age level you are operating at on a daily basis, so kindergarten and preschool here. My biggest worries are when I'm going to get to play with my trains and what dress Barbie will wear today.

2. The easiest things produce the most amazing amount of joy, like getting your kid to poop on the potty or feeding themselves.

 3.  Desert is the best part of any meal, at least they've got that part right.

4. Who cares what people say, if I want to wear stripes on the top and polka dots on the bottom and my shoes on the wrong feet, then so be it.

5.  The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus are right up there with God, they can make anything happen.

6. Mud puddles. Enough said. Which leads me to number 7 through 9....

7. Dirt

8. Rain

9.  and Snow

10. Short attention spans, need I say more.

11. Watch you child explode in smiles when you or you husband walk through the door, simple things have a way of making their day, and yours.

12.  Try twirling until you can't stand up straight, not only will you feel like you have to puke, you will erupt with giddiness that rivals your 3 year old daughter.

13. Singing out loud, even if you don't know the words is a requirement in my house.


  1. I don't have any kids at home right now but I think I may still be on this level.

  2. What a wonderful way to go through life. Too bad reality interferes lol Being a grown up sucks.
    Happy T13!

  3. My smile was getting wider as I went down your list. I loled at #13. Reminds me of my kiddo's "ace the lord, ace the lord... o come apa-pepoy" instead of "praise the lord, praise the lord... o come to the father..."

    From one mom to another, good job!

  4. A little tickle or chase game or peek-a-boo always works too!

  5. Happy children are the best!! Thanks for reminding me. Happy TT.

  6. At three, my kid's biggest concerns were whether or not it was a preschool day and if dinner would be a minute or two late.

  7. Dirt...rain...and snow... too funny.

    Have a great day!

  8. they are just adorable! thanks for sharing with us danielle!

  9. if only we, as adults, could be happy with the simple things in life like kids do. Great list.

  10. I've been known to sing along with the music in the grocery store--and I don't have the excuse of having kids. ;)

  11. Great list! Life is so much simplier when you're a kid, although I have been known to indulge my inner child and play on the swings or sing when I feel like it. :)

  12. OMG!!

    This list is sooooo grounding!

    This goes to the top of my list!

  13. My 14-year-old brings me joy joy joy every day. And singing is always a must!

    Great list. Happy TT.

  14. Love it!

    I'm your newest follower from FFF :)


  15. We are in the same boat. My son just turned 6 and my daughter will be 3 in Dec. Your list was one that I could truly relate to... Although I probably acted 6 even BEFORE kids! ;)

  16. this is why i want children - they can brighten the greyest day


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