Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: My favorite pictures of my kids.

I love taking pictures. I have thousands, saved on the computer. And I love them all, the time they capture, the emotion they display, nothing like a good picture to bring back memories and capture moments you want to remember forever. For this weeks Thursday Thirteen post, I decided to look back at some my favorite pictures of the kids over the years. 
John's baby feet, looooove baby feet!

George and Sophia getting a rid with Daddy.

George and Sophia 2008

George kissing Sophia, just a couple hours old.

Big brother George and Sophia

Sophia and her big bright eyes.

George and Daddy.

Love this smile, George,5.

Her face says it all, Sophia, 3.

I know this is blurry, but I love this father, like son.

Me and John, taken by my good friend Courtney.

My favorite picture of them thus far, George with John in the NICU.

My three Musketeers.


  1. what a beautiful family!! and i really do mean that!!


  2. lovely photos! you have a beautiful family.

  3. Your family is beautiful. What lovely children you have. I wish you many blessings for the holiday and always.

  4. Beautifl pictures! Love the one of you and John. So sweet!

  5. I am a new follower! Found your blog via MBC.

    I especially love the photo of you and your son John. This is really sweet.

    I'm having my first giveaway this week - it ends at midnight tonight! Please come and enter if you'd like - it's only a $10 Target GC but you've got to start somewhere right?

    - Lauren

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