Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bucket What?

Ok. So, there are a lot of things I'd like to accomplish in my life. But why think so long term, one of the prompts of the 2011 Blog Dare on Bloggy Moms was writing a 2011 Bucket List. Great idea.  

We should live each day like it's our last, right? Why not start with today. So, here is my list of things I'd like to accomplish in 2011. Less of a New Year's Resolution and more of a get out and go list. 

I'm no good at lists, I barely keep a to-do-list, because once I get through number 1, and go to start number 2, some one needs a diaper change or evidently a nap, after that temper tantrum that just struck my house, or one of the kids has other plans. And we all know as far as plans schedules and things you'd like to do, although YOU are the boss, THEY have the schedule by the BALLS. There are so many detours throughout the day, getting halfway through is a challenge. 

I know what a Bucket List is, but I love Urban Dictionary and wanted to see how they'd explain the term Bucket List. 

"1. A really bad movie where a lot of money was wasted on unnecessary CG work that is unconvincing and you can tell the actors were in front of green screens during most of the shoot.(I didn't think the movie was that bad.)
 2. A list of things you think you might need to accomplish because you feel your own mortality closing the door on you. (Maybe, but in this case, no.)
3. You feel insecure about your life and therefore make a list of things to get busy on." (nope)

How do I, a married SAHM to 3 kids under the age of 6 describe Bucket List? 

A list to get you off your butt, out of the house and on your way, with the kids in tow (or preferably not). So, without much further ado, here is my bucket list for 2011.

  •  Go on a weekend much over due vacation with my wonderful husband, without the kids.
  • Go back to Niagara Falls with the kids.
  • Take the Zoo Balloon up at the Philly Zoo. (I'm afraid of heights so this is a big one.)
  • Run at least one 10k.
  • Start writing the book, I've always wanted to get published. And submit articles to magazines for publication.
  • Laugh and Love Life with my amazing husband and beautiful kids. (I know. Cheesy. But, true.)
What would be on your yearly bucket list?


  1. Nice job. I'm excited to take on this topic tomorrow. It's a fun one to get to know everyone a bit better.

  2. this is a way better idea than a resolution, I will have to think on it and make a to-do list for 2011

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  4. Hi Danielle, thanks for stopping by my blog and following me; now following you back and really enjoyed reading about your bucket list. Have a lovely day and a great new year! roz at la bella vita

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