Thursday, February 17, 2011

A cake fit for a Princess

I usually buy our birthday cakes from our local Wegman's, which we completely LOVE they are moist, the icing not too sugary and the decorations perfect, but I had the brilliant,(I say with complete sarcasm) idea to make the cake for my daughter's 4th birthday. And after seeing this video, who could not make this for their little girl, especially after, showing said little girl and witnessing their complete screams and begging over wanting this super cute cake for their birthday.

And then as if one cake wasn't enough i decided to make a castle cake to go along with it. 


Yes, I'm nuts. 

So after putting the kids to bed, armed with more icing then I could fathom in one had and a spatula in the other, I went to town. I layered, shaved, cut and refrigerated. refrigerated and refrigerated some more (that crumb problem when you have to cut and then icing a cake is a mess). I thought about making cupcakes, throwing these cakes in the trash, canceling the party, and driving over to my local favorite Wegman's at 6 in the morning and begging them to make me their best cake with just hours until the party. I thought to myself over and over and over again, what had I gotten myself into? The woman in the video is so happy and serene, there is complete silence, no crying babies, no kids up and down the steps to check on your progress, taste cake batter or stick their finger in the icing. She makes it look so easy. I love to cook and bake but maybe this was beyond my patience level, or maybe it was the face that it was the end of the day, 1 crying baby with a double ear infection, 1 nosy 5 year old and 1 super excited and curious birthday girl later and my patience was at the end of it's wick.  So 5 hours later, one amazing husband trip to the store to buy more icing,(yes, more icing) and more breakdowns then I care to admit,this is how my cakes turned out.

Just remember, I am not a professional cake decorator, but I've got my kids fooled and that all that matters.

To make things even more interesting, I have been commissioned to make a Transformer cake for my son's upcoming 6th birthday in March. I am seriously considering it. 

Maybe I should graciously bow out now.

But what fun would that be?


  1. A picture is worth 1,000 words my dear. Just look at your kids faces in that last pic.

    Sophia: My mom did THAT. Yeah, MY MOM. Maybe she'll make one for your birthday. Remind me to ask her after the party.

    George: Her hand is gonna light on fire. Cool.

    You rocked it, girl! Now...whatever will you do NEXT year? Better start planning!

  2. I think the cake looks great! My mother used to make cakes like that for me when I was a little girl, so I have a soft spot for them (although, not a soft enough spot to be as brave as you are and make one myself!)

  3. That cake looks AWESOME! If you make the Transformer cake I hope you post pictures!

    Have a great day!


  4. Hey there! I'm giving you the Stylish Blogger Award. :) Come visit my post about it on my blog.

  5. Well done, Danielle. That cake will be all the more special when Sophia looks back on her birthdays because you made it yourself. I've never done a Barbie/princess cake, but I've heard of baking the cake in a mixing bowl to give it the "curved" top without all of the shaving/crumbs mess. I sometimes bake my own cake and then go to the grocery store and buy the "kit" they use to "fancy up" birthday cakes. (Just a tip for the transformer cake.)
    I haven't been by in a while, but think of you often. Here's hoping all is well and you survive "birthday season" in your household. Happy belated birthday to Miss Sophia


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