Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chew Away.

My son could chew through a brick.

And not with the teeth he doesn't have yet, but with his gums, his red swollen, blistered gums. He vigorously chews on everything you put within reaching distance-shirts, toys, fingers, shoes, anything he can get his little perfect chubby baby hands on. And as if the vomit and spit up from the reflux weren't enough, he leaves a drool trail where ever he goes, and slims everything he comes into contact with. Teething is full force. And drool from teething and spit up from reflux, equals a messy combination. So I've come to accept the fact that at least for the next couple months, my pockets will be full with bibs and wipes and my shirts will have stain marks, as if I'm wearing "the mother of a teething, reflux baby" badge. All my children started teething around the same time, yet Sophia had a mouth full of teeth by the age of one, where George had 4. And you'd think teething would affect them all the same but where Sophia was my silent teether, you'd look over one week and she had no teeth and look back the next and she'd teethed the entire top row, but John falls into the same shoes as his big brother being a messy, drooling, dramatic chew on everything teether. And jewelry is out with the chew-on-everything-teethers, that is jewelry you actually want to keep.

But alas young mothers, the women over at Smart Mom have designed a way to
fix that problem- a line of jewelry, pendants, bangles and key chains that are not only affordable and stylish, but tug and teething friendly for you little one.
And don't worry that they are teething on something that could harm them, all products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC and lead free.

So the next time someone says, "nice necklace", you can humorously reply, "it's actually a teething ring", just hope you have your teething baby with you in the process. 

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