Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Comfort designed by Mom

Since I've got Reflux on the brain, I might as well share, I just can't say enough about The Nap Nanny.
Since birth my son had trouble laying flat on his back from his reflux and would wake up every hour in pain, crying. We were afraid to let him sleep flat for fear that he'd choke on his vomit. And after feeding him we had to keep him upright for at least 30 minutes and then throughout the day, UGH! The wedge under the crib never really did the trick. And neither did the bouncer. But thanks to my friend Courtney, The Nap Nanny did. Upon hearing of our troubles with our little one, Courtney, whose son also suffered from reflux, introduced me to The Nap Nanny and kindly suggested I borrow hers. How could I refuse? Literally within days, John was sleeping through the night, more comfortable and more secure for both him and us. This amazing recliner, designed by a mother, is designed to increase comfort and improve the sleep of babies with colic, reflux, gas, colds, earaches, the flu and other special needs.And this couldn't be more true.We almost immediately found relief at night and it was a great device to sit him in after feedings, during feedings and everything in between. And when he suffered a bout of bronchitis at 6 weeks, The Nap Nanny helped him breathe better, sleep better and reduced the discomforts associated with Bronchitis as well. It is light, portable, we've taken it to my parents house multiple times and it's easy to carry it up in down the stairs, with a baby in your arm, unlike those chunky bouncers. It also comes with a washable cover, which is perfect for all you mom's of reflux babies out there, no stains, no mess. So now that he is growing out of it, he can turn loose from the safety belt, except from the occasional use when he is seriously miserable, we will be sad to see it go. But so happy and relieved we'd found it.

John today in his Nap Nanny after a feeding!

Tip: I know it comes with a hefty $120 price tag, but try sites like Amazon and Ebay, you might find a gently used one for less. Also try Buy Buy Baby, if they sell it in your local store they take coupons, their own and their competitors (rumor has it they also take Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons as well). Or maybe you have a baby and know of someone pregnant who might like this for their newborn, spilt the cost and everyone makes out in the long run.


  1. I was wondering what that was when I went to your house. That is awesome that you were able to find this for him, glad it helps. He looks so happy in it! -Jocelyn

  2. Hi there - Westerwitch here from Purplecoo - you asked to join us - I did email you a few times, but never heard back - I was wondering if you had changed your mind, or if my emails had ended up in your spam folder . . . perhaps you could let me know if you would still like to join Purplecoo. Thank you. xWWx

  3. Oh Danielle, he's a charmer. Look at those big, beautiful eyes. He's soooooo cute. Too cute, really. Anything cuter would surely be illegal.
    Glad you found the solution. Here's to happy z's and many of them!



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