Sunday, July 11, 2010

MOMetry: I cleaned out my purse today

I once lost my newborn in my purse,
Maybe not, but I could, it's as big as a hearse.
My husband sees me rustling through it and spouts,
"It really couldn't look worse."
I am a hoarder, but only in the limits of my purse.
They need it, I've got it!
From wipes, to old receipts, unused coupons, crumbs and more,
and what's this? An old brown apple core.
So after I went to grab my wallet
and the person behind me in line, looked and cringed when they saw it,
I let out a curse and finally decided it was time to clean out my purse.
I cleaned out my purse today and I felt 5 lbs met away,
especially when Sophia looked in and realized there was no where to play.
I cleaned out my purse today and found
3 dollars in change, a size one diaper, that would fit my son in no way,
lots of crumbs, straws and old receipts,
binkies, wipes, and some stale fruit treats.
I cleaned out my purse today and walked a little taller,
the only baggage I was carrying was my bag, my wallet and one wrinkled up dollar,
I knew what was in my purse today and where it was
and when I went to take it out, there was no fuzz,
I didn't flood a table top with old receipts, crumbs, and empty wrappers.
I cleaned out my purse today and I must say, it was looking pretty dapper.
I hope no one needs anything today,
For the first time, I'd be proud to mean and say,
"The only things in my purse are for me, not you!
No get out of there and play!"


  1. Hilarious and so poetic, Danielle! I gauge my life by my purse and my car. When one or the other is so chaotic that I can no longer stand it, then my life is usually that way, too, and it's time to clean. I have found that the larger my purse, the more stuff I can find to shove in there, so I carry tiny purses that barely have enough room for my wallet, keys & cell phone, but that, too, has its drawbacks.I thought once the kids were out of diapers and carrying their own stuff, my purse would again be mine, but my almost 12-yr-old daughter still relies on Mom's purse to house the tissues she needs for allergies and hand lotion, writing utensils and gum. When she remembers to carry a purse at all, it usually contains assorted lip stuff, her hand-held digital planner and sour hard candies in a plastic dispenser. Enjoy the freedom that an organized purse affords you. I hope it lasts a little while anyway. -EW

  2. Thanks. I hope it will last. I cleaned it and felt free of clutter, and not weighed down. I hope it will last too. Thanks


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