Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guest Photographer Post: My 3 year old daughter

My daughter loves to be in front of the camera, posing, laughing,twirling, smiling and making funny faces, I call her the girl of one thousand faces. She is very animated to say the least.

Sophia also loves to be behind the camera taking pictures. Pictures of her brothers, daddy sleeping, her feet and the TV and whatever else she can find. She literally takes hundreds of pictures.

I wonder whom she gets that from? humm......

So my guest blogger for the day is my 3 year old little photographer, Sophia. She says picked out these pictures because "they were her favorite". When I asked her why she likes taking pictures with the camera she replied, "I don't know.Mom! Because I do".

Alrighty then.

Here are pictures from her point of view.

Baby John.

George in the playroom.

Me on my laptop, the one that is now broken, because Sophia dropped it down the steps.
To which she replied, "Opps".

Her wand and princess dress.

Her cousin Josie.

Daddy Sleeping.

Her toes.


  1. I love all these pictures! How simply adorable!

  2. What a little delight! And these were great shots, Sophia's very talented :D

    Sorry your laptop took a fall, hope you can get it fixed.

  3. Not bad for a 3-year-old. I see a Disney princess digital camera on Santa's list this year! You'd better link up with "bargain mom" to get the lowdown on developing photos for cheap!

  4. BTW, those are cute pics of Miss Sophia above. She reminds me of Sebastian the crab on Little Mermaid when he's teaching Ariel how to make Prince Eric fall in love with her: "You got to pucker up your lips like this..." too precious!

  5. I'm so glad you found me through that Courier Post article! How did we not "meet" sooner? I mean we are SITS girls after all!

    I'm going to follow you on Twitter too...

    Anyway, adorable photos... I love a girl who loves a camera!

  6. So cute danielle. Sophia is very talented!


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