Sunday, August 1, 2010

What dreams my come...

I had posted this on my this blog in May, but I thought with the summer here and signing our kids up for sports and activities, this would be fitting.

My husband’s sport to play, watch and breathe is baseball.

He played baseball throughout his school years and even now plays on a Sunday Softball League. So when our 5 year old was finally old enough to be signed up for t-ball, you could only imagine my husband’s excitement. And when it came time to hand out uniforms, it warmed my heart to hear him say, “I want to be number 5 like daddy”. Upon sensing George’s excitement to play, my husband enthusiastically signed up to volunteer, and who could imagine,not even himself, that he’d end up being the head coach. He researched drills and coaching practices found on blogs ironically titled, Pray for Rain.

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  1. I'm not an athlete by any stretch of anyone's imagination, but if I had to choose a sport to play, it probably would be baseball. Unlike basketball and football where there are penalties and fouls and first downs and such, baseball seems to be the most straightforward. Don't swing if it's too high or low; if you do swing at a good pitch and miss, it's a strike. You hit the ball and run around the bases trying to get home without getting tagged. I can handle that. Good luck, George! -EW

  2. I have six boys so I understand sports. But I can't get them to develop much interest in baseball.

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