Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back on Monday

I am taking a blogging break but I will be back on Monday with strong week, starting off with a review of the Strasburg Railroad, which we love, my son's comedic performances in school (gulp), wordless Wednesday and much more. All the school and activities just threw me off. My blogging time was no longer MY blogging time so I had to readjust the schedule! Fellow bloggers....see you Monday!


  1. Enjoy your "break" (I put that in quotations because I know full well you'd probably rather be blogging but have other obligations). Good for you readjusting your schedule to accommodate your priorities.

  2. Have a good rest from blogging. Fresh air and real life adventures are great for the soul. I must admit that blogging is a habit that is difficult to kick ;-D

  3. We all need a good rest from blogging from time to time. I had a crazy week last week and am finally getting around to visiting other bloggers. I'm intrigued by your site, particularly your Thursday Thirteen posts. Going to have a better look.


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