Friday, October 29, 2010

Life Made Easy

Let me first say, I’m not easily impressed by cars. I don’t see a cool car and gasp that I want it. But one feature in the Chevy Traverse has me wanting to jump for joy, share it again and again and write home about it or blog about it. The Power Lift Gate feature in the Traverse is a feature no mom, no one should have to live without. This one touch, no fuss feature makes life easier. Imagine putting the stroller in the back, baby in one hand, loading the car with the other while trying to contain two more crazy kids from running off and into the street. You can focus your attention on what’s important. Load the groceries, chase the kids and when you get a chance, before you drive off, press the button. I’m in love with this feature, because it’s that easy. Great for rainy days, rushed days, cold days and crazy days.
Power Lift Gate.
Check it out:

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