Friday, January 7, 2011

I need an App for that

I feel like I am sneaking in a post while  my 3 year old and 1 year old are sleeping, before I have to wake them up to pick up my 5 year old from school. And it's not the 5 year old or the 3 year old that have me on the verge of insanity, I thought I'd seen the verge with them, it's the one year old.

Having the third baby has taken the level of laughter and love to new heights in my house but he has also tipped the scales in chaos. I am thankful that he is healthy and happy, but honestly at his mere 13 months, he is like baby on crack. Climbing on chairs, tables and counter tops. Trying to scale the entertainment system, tipping over the recycling bin, climbing in the shower, putting his hands in the toilet, finding the cat bowl....and the cat liter (another story for another day) and escaping like a wild man anytime he sees an open door. It's not like I didn't expect these, my kids were all pretty energetic, but all at the same time, multiple times a day, has me quickly squeezing stuff in between his antics to get stuff done. I wake up at butt crack of dawn to get my workout in and take a shower before the baby wakes up and is literally on a roll. I have taken the all the chairs out of the kitchen and the chair away from the computer desk and gate them off in the front room in the morning so that he has nothing to climb on and no tables to stand on. As I type this post, I sit upon his toy,

the Vtech Bouncing Gym Turtle, a little low and hard but gets the job done. And I type fast, and swift and hope that my little monster doesn't wake before I get out a thought. He has taken cues from his brother and sister like I have never seen, pushing toys up to the table to replace the missing chair, turning on and off the Christmas lights. If he can't see the top of the table, he's strong, a pull up will do. He chases, runs, dancing, sings, screams and laughs and laughs.

What more could a mother want?


My baby should come with an app.

A button you can press once a day, just for a minutes, to calm him down and zap him of his mojo, will I catch a refill on mine.


  1. I can just picture it and it's great! Do feel that kids need to be set outside for a long run like dogs at least twice a day - well that's how I try to control mine! An app would be much easier!

  2. would it be weird if i said i wanna take ur babies and dip them in a marshmallow/cream cheese dip and gobble their faces up?

    because if that's weird, i didn't say it.

  3. it's 10:30pm and my three year old is climbing all over my head and shoulders like she's a monkey and saying she is Rapunzel. She absolutely does not have any type of button I can push, she only pushes mine!

  4. I know how you feel. Numbers one and two were not nearly as hard to take care of as my number three is! She is three and still I never have a minute to myself....sorry to say it doesn't get better any time soon!


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