Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mom: Collector of nothing, yet everything

The Bloggy Moms 2011 Blog Dare Prompt for today got me thinking. What do you collect? Why do you collect? and what about people's collections bother/annoy you?

I've never been a collector. I don't know why. Maybe I thought about collecting something and then half way through just starting a collection, I mean within collecting like one or two items, I gave up. I think I have started a stamp collection and a coin collection and with the amount I collected, I'm not sure you can even call it a collection. But, as I look at my life as a mother, there are some things I could say I collect, out of necessity, survival and just plain parenthood, and I collect it in my purse.

My husband would say my purse has a nice collection of stuff. By nice, meaning, can't believe how much stuff is in your purse type comment. You should be embarrassed when you have so much stuff in your purse you can't find your wallet. But I can tell you it's inevitable, my purse is my lifeline, the diaper bag, the survival bag and the kids dumping spot for whatever may have dragged along with us when we are out.

Here are 10 collections going on in my purse at this time.

And No, I'm not a hoarder, although my purse may tell a different story.

1. Binkies. Like american express, don't get caught without one.

2. Crumbs. Those snack bags aren't as durable as they look

3. Parts to toys. When my kids discovered pockets, toys started appearing in random places.

4.My daughters hair bands and hair clippies.

5 Old receipts.

6 Snacks. You have them just in case. You have the leftover they don't want. And if there is no trash can around, you have the one that dropped on the ground (which my attempt to leave it on the ground was stopped by my child who loudly yelled at my in public not to liter) or the one that tasted just "yucky".

7. Wipes. Another necessity, I shouldn't have to explain

8 Wrappers. Once they are done with the snack they give me the bag.

9 Plastic baggies. These were used to hold snacks.

10 Tissues. Like wipes, you can never have enough.

Don't judge.

What collection is going on in your purse?


  1. Newest follower- I bet I find a collection of receipts. Your post made me laugh. All the best!


  2. That is so my bag too! Thanks for the follow, I'm doing the same in return from BJ

  3. Love it - mine is about the same. Without the binkis (my daughter refuses them) and add in trains, trucks, and legos from my son. Oh and a ton of chapstick and an always-empty gum package.

  4. Love your blog. And LOVE the pictures of you and your family in the snow. I live in Houston and it will be a rain and sleet filled day at 47 degrees. Not as inviting as snow. So have fun!!!! I'm so jealous.

    I'm following you. I'll be back again and again to your posh little pad. Have a great week!


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  6. OOOH. I think I have tons of baby rice cracker crumbs, bottle caps, tons of change and receipts-so much junk. I need a life coach for my purse!

  7. love this post! My purse is the same! It seems taht although I don not carry a diaper bag - my purse has taken on a life of it's own with snacks, bottles, wrappers, toys, etc... I ahve lost my wallet and keys in there more than once!

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