Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Changes for the Year Ahead

Social Moms and Simply Orange have gotten together in promoting simple changes for the new year. As a mom, I plan being more patient, taking a deep breath before I tackle challenging situations and making one big simple change, put myself first by taking time out for me.

2009 bought many exciting changes with the birth of our third child, our house was filled with much laughter and love. And although I knew that having 3 kids would be a challenge, I had no idea the changes it was about to bring. In 2010 I got just a glimpse of those changes as our 3rd child started to walk, which adds an entire new dimension. Now instead of just the two kids getting into things, I usually have the 5 year old screaming that the baby is getting into his toys and now some how the 3 year old, teams up with the one year old around the house, egging each other on. At one dinner, we had the 5 year old complaining he didn't want to eat, the 3 year old screaming and the baby crying, my husband looked at each other, across the dining room table and laughed, and in some situations that's all you can do.

So much as mothers and parents, we forget to take time to put ourselves first, whether it's exercising regularly, eating right, going for a manicure/pedicure or spending time with girlfriends. My husband is a nurse and works long 12 hour shifts, so most days I barely have time to take a shower , or finish my meal sitting, let alone schedule that much needed hair cut. So in the new year, the one big simple change I can make is taking time for me. So far, I have gotten up early to see the husband off to work, gotten in my daily workout, showered, and grabbed some quiet time with the newspaper and coffee. Together we have added more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to our diet and less sugar and simple carbs, and less quick junk. Not that we ate that bad to begin with, but when I was fighting through the chaos, constantly cleaning up and chasing around the kids, sometimes I found my self picking of their plate or finishing their snacks instead of grabbing a healthy meal. We have also tried to take time for each other,whether renting a movie and spending time together after the kids are in bed or scheduling bi monthly date nights. 

When I put my self first, I am calmer, happier, more energized and ready to tackle the day and any challenges that my arise.

What simple changes are you making in the new year?

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