Monday, May 17, 2010


When my 3-year-old daughter pooped in her underwear during a time out and used it's contents to decorate her crib, I updated my status.

When my then 4-year-old son, back-flipped off the swing, belly flopping on to the ground, requiring stitches in his chin, I updated my status.

And after the birth of our 3rd child, when I realized I severely craved and desired the sleep I wasn't getting, I logged on in my sleep deprived state at 2 in the morning and updated my status.

I am a Facebook Junky.

My Facebook world extends beyond the virtual walls of Yoville, Farmville and Petville. Facebook is where I, as a stay-at-home mom can connect, relate and at times, keep my sanity.

Facebook is like a traveling mom's group, filled with my friends, nationwide who have kids, who can enter my living room, my mind and my chaos at a moments notice and connect. At the stroke of a keyboard and a status that strikes cords of commonality, I immediately find a calm sense of community.

There's nothing like knowing when your son has taken a permanent marker to your new leather sofa that not only has it happened to your closest "mom" friends before, but there may be a remedy to get your sofa looking brand new. Or when your kids throw a blood-pressure-raising- sweat-inducing temper tantrum in the grocery store that raises the eye brows of on lookers and leaves you on the brink of a nervous breakdown, that most of your friends have been there and their kids have done that. Or when your infant son is struggling with severe reflux, that leaves you troubled and looking for answers, you can find not only similar stories but you can find help and support.

It's not just the mom stuff either.
It's the issues dealing with personal stuff and its nice when as a mom, you're struggling with baby weight and loss of identity among many other issues, that these people knew you before you had children. They know Danielle the mom, but knew best Danielle the student, the cousin, the athlete and the friend.

There is something to be said about the bond between mothers.

Through Facebook I have found support in the emotional roller coaster and daily unpredictability that being a mother holds. I have found humor in situations where I didn't think it existed. And more importantly I have found a common bond, of story telling through sharing of the diverse events of motherhood.

Facebook offers a connection among women when as a mother you need it most.

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  1. Soooo true!! Facebook is where I go for my morning, afternoon, and evening Java!!


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